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Your car’s headlights are an integral safety feature that makes driving at night and in bad weather possible. These beams of light serve two important purposes: they help you see in the dark and they make your car visible to other drivers around you. As Daylight Savings Time ends and kids hit...Read more

To honor Self Improvement Month and what it stands for, take a good look in the mirror. You’re searching for qualities you want to improve – not necessarily physically, but regarding the way you treat others. At Dwyer Group, one element in our...Read more

At Glass Doctor®, our services encompass more than window panes and automobile glass. We also offer an array of custom glass solutions to meet your home or office’s varied...Read more

Glass is a modern material you easily take for granted. However, when it comes to cleaning your windows, mirrors and car windshields, those streaks and hard water spots are incredibly frustrating. Learn how to clean glass with the top techniques for a streak-free finish.

Tips to...Read more

Severe weather comes in many forms and can hit your home in every season. So, it's always a great time to talk about protecting glass windows and doors from stormy weather.

High-Impact Glass

If your home is located in a hurricane region, high-impact glass is a...Read more

Mason jars have nearly endless uses. If you have a few collecting dust in a cupboard or closet, don’t throw them away or even recycle them. Instead, put them to good use as clear, portable emergency kits. Not sure what type of kits to make or what to put in them? These five ideas are sure to...Read more

If a storm is headed your way, it’s wise to think about how to keep your home or business protected from potential damage. Whether you live in hurricane territory or Tornado Alley, near a river or on a fault line, weather emergencies can strike anywhere, anytime. Learn how to prepare for severe...Read more

Does all the online message board misinformation have you wishing you could find a little surefire expert advice on how to clean a windshield? Here at Glass Doctor®, we know a lot about ...Read more

Replacing vehicle registration stickers – it’s a task every car owner must do yearly. You probably have every intention of removing that old sticker before you apply the new one, but it’s hit or miss. However, to prevent being pulled over for expired tags, it’s...Read more